Some have credited MONA – the Museum of Old and New Art – with bringing Tasmanian tourism to life. It’s a big call, but one I can’t help but believe. MONA is not to miss. Prepare to literally bid Hobart farewell to get there by sea. Tumbling underground into the bowels of the museum, taking in the impossibly high stone walls, cavernous ceilings, bunker-style stairways and confusing lighting choices you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve entered some kind of fucked-up futuristic panic room.

Its motto is “to shock, offend, inform and entertain”. It will do all this and more – this place will challenge you, confuse you, excite you, surprise you and overwhelm you.

Highlights included:

  • Current exhibition, Marina Abramovic’s “Private Archaeology” (finishes 5 October). You’ll even get  to experience the Abramovic method for ourselves in the strangely  therapeutic and simultaneously draining Counting the Rice exercise.
  • The Cloaca Professional (aka poop machine) which pops out a perfectly formed faecal specimen every day at 2.00 pm. For those who would rather do without the assault to their nose or their sense of #propriety, there is a “feeding” at 11.00am or 4.00pm.
  • The C*nt. Mmmhmmmm.

Coffee + average view…

*Please see above #youknowwhatitis


Private Archaeology

Private Archaeology

Private Archaeology

INSIDER TIP: It won’t matter if you’re visiting with family, friends or even by yourself – you’ll be provided with an interactive device which literally presents you with all the relevant information (including the requisite cheeky “art wank”) of the works closest to you at that moment.

Basically, just do yourself a favour and go to MONA. And afterward, enjoy a coffee and a cookie (or local wine and oysters) whilst taking in the unbelievable views.

INSIDER TIP: Check the ferry times studiously and make sure you plan when you’re leaving. It’s a little frustrating to get lost in the museum, stumble out at 3.05pm (feeling oddly depleted from the overstimulation) and realise you can’t get back to Hobart until 5.00pm #fail.

Whilst these vibrant markets are in my opinion a little touristy, they are definitely a great way to burn some cash and work up an appetite for a boozy lunch. Head here anytime every Saturday from 8.30 am – 3.00 pm.