Slovenia is a place of extreme natural beauty you won’t find elsewhere in Europe. Folklore is big here – and you can see why. The landscape is literally a fairytale come to life.

In case you haven’t heard, Slovenia has just been recommended by Wall Street Journal as one of the top 10 newest buzzing destinations to visit in 2017. It’s got all the charm and beauty of Italy and Austria, minus the corresponding price tags and crowds. However, there’s more to Slovenia than Lake Bled, which of late seems to have become the country’s biggest drawcard for tourists. Just a hop, skip and a jump from Bled are three incredible waterfalls, all within the Triglav National Park and each stunning in their own way.

Best of all, they are super safe and easy to access. That’s right, just for something different we are finally showing you some amazing places you don’t need to haul ass up a mountain or risk your lives walking along cliff edges to see! All you will need is a car, or better yet, a Spicy Camper like we had, to check out these three beautiful waterfalls in Triglav National Park, Slovenia.

The best little Spicy Camper van there ever was!

The best little Spicy Camper van there ever was!

Vintgar Gorge

This place is off the charts B-E-A-Utiful. In fact, we actually preferred it to the much more hyped and expensive Plitvice National Park just over the border in Croatia. Make the most of the low €4 entry fee and follow the walkway all the way to the end to get front-row seats to not one but two gorgeous waterfalls flowing.


For the second waterfall, you’ll get the best view of this place by turning right at the small hut serving coffee and tea and crossing the bridge.

Reckon that water looks cold? The day we were there a group of young Aussies (because who else would it be) were braving the rain, cold and freezing water and throwing themselves into the river. Obviously this is unsafe and quite possibly unlawful but we definitely got a giggle out of the sight of these poor skinny lads crawling out of the water post-jump.

Kozjak Waterfall

Part of the beauty of this waterfall is the short hike to get you there. It’s about a twenty minute walk from where you park your car at Kamp Lazar in beautiful Kobarid to reaching the natural open cavern where Slap (Slovenian for waterfall) Kozjak flows. First of all, you’ll walk across one of the beautiful hanging bridges of the Soca River in one of the most scenic areas of the river. 

Hanging bridge in Soca Valley, Slovenia

From here, you’ll follow an easy trail – where you may or may not see some seriously creepy lizards which seemed to sneak up on us when we least expected it. Finally, because Slovenians know how to make magic come to life, you’ll reach Slap Kozjak via these small man-made bridges over a softly flowing brook.

Walkway to Kozjak Waterfall, Slovenia

Walkway to Kozjak Waterfall, Slovenia

Slap Kozjak

Slap Kozjak

Oh Slap Kozjak – it really is all too picturesque to be real. Only in Slovenia.

Pericnik Waterfall

Last but in no way least, Slap Pericnik is an absolute must-visit in Slovenia. Once again, this waterfall is very easily accessible on wheels – apparently there’s a small parking fee but when we visited in October there was no-one to collect it! From the carpark it was a quick (but steep) five minute walk to get up close and personal with Pericnik.

If you have waterproof housing for your camera, bring it – the spray is so powerful we were worried about damaging Nat’s camera – which unfortunately is why we have limited photos here! Finally, walking behind the waterfall to look out upon a mountain valley full of autumn colours was a truly unique experience and one we won’t forget in a hurry – check our instagram here for our favourite shot. Iceland, eat your gorgeous ice-cold heart out!

Pericnik Waterfall

One last thing…

Pssssst! This is by no means an exhaustive list of waterfall in Slovenia – there’s also Boka (sadly it was too rainy for us to visit), Rinka and Savica, to name just a few in a country boasting approximately 300. It seems incredible back home in Australia we would get excited about visiting one measly waterfall on the Gold Coast… and meanwhile this part of Slovenia is literally teeming with them.

Best of all, you hardly have to share – whilst Vintgar Gorge is quite popular with tourists being so close to Lake Bled, we were practically alone at both Pericnik and Kozjak. We get the feeling it won’t be like this for long… so get to Slovenia sooner rather than later to explore natural untouched beauty like you’ve never seen before.

Planning on visiting Triglav National Park by campervan like we did?

Spicy Camper van

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