UPDATE JAN 2017: Due to significant feedback from Mornington Peninsula locals, may we please remind anyone visiting this area it is located in a National Park and is therefore open to everybody to enjoy. It also means the area deserves the utmost respect from any visitors, locals, domestic or international. It is essential you are respectful of the ecosystem in place and leave this bay exactly as you found it. Do not forget to take rubbish receptacles with you. Mother Nature thanks you in advance.


This place is truly a natural phenomenon. Silky yellow sand, incredibly vibrant coloured water, a freakishly shaped rock that looks like it’s from outer space rising metres into the air, perfectly placed over a natural plunge pool in a protected bay.

On a great day, locals flock here, but when we visited there were just a few girls taking a quick dip.

Eventually we had the place to ourselves. There’s a multitude of interesting rock pools and formations surrounding the Blairgowrie Jumping Rock to explore, so plan to spend some time here. It’s just a short walk to get here and goddammit, it’s worth it!

We believe there are a number of ways to get here. Read below to see how we accessed the Blairgowrie Jumping Rock, plus an alternative (easier) route.

1. Set the location in your Maps App as Pearse Road, Blairgowrie, VIC.

2. Once you reach the intersection Melbourne Road and Pearse Road, head down Pearse Road. The road will eventually taper to light-coloured gravel. Continue to the end of the road, which will hit the start of a walking track, clearly signed “Pearse’s Beach”.

3. Head down the track, ensuring it turns to the right. Continue to follow the Peninsula Coastal Track on the sand along the cliff. It’s a seriously stunning walk, so take your time and enjoy it!

4. You’ll pass three main beaches, slightly curved, and filled with amazing rock pools. After approximately a 20 minute walk, you will come across the Blairgowrie Jumping Rock directly in front of you, blocked by a fence and a clamber down the amphitheatre-like cliffs.

5. Walk around the cliffs of Bridgewater Bay until you reach a staircase, then double back along the beach to reach this legendary pool.

As always be careful and only do whatever you feel comfortable with. There are several ledges to jump off.

If you don’t feel safe, this place is honestly so stunning, it’s enough to just take a dip, explore and admire the beautiful world we live in.

Let me reiterate, if you click away from this post with one message, it’s that the exhilaration of the jump is not remotely worth compromising your safety.

Alternative route

1. Simply plug St Johns Wood Rd, Blairgowrie, Victoria into your Maps. At the corner of Melbourne Road and St Johns Wood Road, follow St Johns Wood Road towards the back beaches of the Mornington Peninsula.

2. You’ll eventually reach a car park. A walking track to Bridgewater Bay starts at a small car park at the end of St Johns Wood Road and a steep staircase descends from the cliffs to the beach below.

4. Continue straight on from the staircase following the beach and within a couple of minutes you’ll reach the Blairgowrie Jumping Rock. Mission accomplished!


This is a gorgeous cliffside walk which you can easily do in thongs, converse or runners. I would suggest closed shoes are possibly easier trekking through the sand, but there’s no real safety issues here.

The Mornington Peninsula is a natural habitat for the deadly Blue Ring octopus and is often found in grass reefs and rock pools. If you go exploring through the rockpools, wear thongs or converse, look where you are going and watch out for those neon-bright blue rings.  Obviously avoid putting your hands into crevices or seaweed in rockpools where you can’t see what might be hiding there. Ryan from Lost Boy Memoirs also had an encounter with one in Torquay and if the stats on his post don’t scare you into being careful I don’t know what will.

If you have a GoPro, this is the one day trip you have to charge it up and take it with you! Also ensure your App is up-to-date. We both have GoPros and found upon arrival hers was flat and the App on my phone wouldn’t update, basically rendering it useless for an amateur like me. The feeling of frustration was next level.

No GoPro meant no amazing underwater shots in these rockpools

No GoPro meant no amazing underwater shots in these rockpools

Save the Blairgowrie Jumping Rock in Bridgewater Bay for a calm day. We did some stalking on Instagram and found out waves can crash into the pool and literally wash people out to sea. The back beaches of the Peninsula are notoriously wild and this beach is not patrolled. Personally, we would be hysterical if this happened to us so as always be careful and check the forecast and tide times.

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