Pragser Wildsee

Lago di Braies, aka Pragser Wildsee – otherwise known as that lake that’s been blowing up on Instagram.

You probably already know it, but we are sluts for beautiful places. We like to sniff them out, get around them and basically thoroughly enjoy them.

We’re talking about all the places we share with you, from the best view of Barcelona to the Benagil Sea Cave to Sydney’s Figure 8 Pools and Whites Beach in northern New South Wales. We could go on but it would be annoying so we’ll stop.

Bunkers del Carmel, Barcelona

Barcelona’s Best View

Benagil Sea Cave

Portugal’s Benagil Sea Cave

Figure 8 Pools, Sydney

Figure 8 Pools, Sydney

Unforgettable Whites Beach in northern New South Wales, Australia

Unforgettable Whites Beach in northern New South Wales, Australia


Our favourites usually possess some kind of challenge, like when we hiked 29 kilometres in the Cinque Terre, or found the fabled Miradoura da Grota do Inferno on Sao Miguel by trial and error.

Cinque Terre, Italy

Want to skip the crowds at the Cinque Terre? Stick with us and get the best views for free!


Miradoura da Grota do Inferno, The Azores, Portugal

Find the elusive Miradoura da Grota do Inferno – the most incredible lookout in the Azores

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Unlike the above, getting to Lago di Braies is a piece of cake. All you need to do is roll up in your car (an hour from Cortina d’Ampezzo), grab a park and BAM, you’re staring at what has to be the most stunning chunk of scenery in existence.

That’s right, it’s official. We’re calling it. We think we have found our most beautiful place so far: Lake di Braies, aka Pragser Wildsee.

Pragser Wildsee is in South Tyrol, in the northern part of the Fanes-Senes-Braies National Park. If you’re thinking of exploring northern Italy (and you really, really should) then we highly recommend you hire a car or camper van like we did, and check out what is known as the pearl of the Dolomites. Simply slap it in your GPS and you’re away.

There are a few hikes you can take around the lake’s perimeter and to surrounding towns. It’s also the starting point for Alta Via No 1, one of the 10 Dolomites High Routes (we’ve got our eye on this for the future).

For once we weren’t interested in checking out what else the lake had to offer. We were completely and utterly content simply sitting and admiring the scenery, going for a paddle and having a snuggle on the shore.

When there’s this to look at, what else can you do but stop, stare and smile at the one you love?

Pssssst! Keen to explore the Dolomites further? You can’t miss the hike to Lago di Sorapiss, a short drive from Cortina. Everything you need to know here!

Lago di Sorapiss, Italian Dolomites

Lago di Sorapiss, Italian Dolomites

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