Miradoura da Grota do Inferno, The Azores, Portugal

When researching the Azores, it seemed every blogger counted the Miradoura da Grota do Inferno as the best viewpoint on Sao Miguel island.

However, most frustratingly, absolutely NO-ONE clearly gave instructions on how to get there. NO-ONE!

After researching for what felt like hours, we decided we had a reasonable idea where to head and so we set out for this legendary lookout.

The route to get there is actually extremely simple and it’s only a really short scenic walk.

All that’s required: The Azores WalkMe App.


How to Find the Miradoura da Grota do Inferno

  1. Prior to departing from a Wi-Fi Zone, jump into the WalkMe Azores App and download the map for PRC5SMI – Serra Devassa. To find the starting point of the hike, which is a carpark with signage, select “More” from the menu at the bottom. Here, you are provided with GPS co-ordinates to open up the starting point of the hike in Google Maps. You can see the route from Ponta Delgada to the starting point here.
  2. Once you have arrived at the car park for the Serra Devassa hike, you don’t actually follow this trail. Instead, turn back towards the road and you’ll see a large iron gate directly opposite the entrance to the carpark, which will be marked as “Lagoa do Canario”. Go through the gate (there’s a smaller gate on the side for people on-foot). Apparently this gate is also sometimes open to cars, but this can vary. If you’re on-foot, don’t worry – it’s a very short walk.

  3. After you’ve walked through the gate, you’ll be lead to a wide, well-maintained dirt road flanked by thick forest, known as the Canary Forest. Continue on. You will see a few signs along the way – keep an eye out for any marked “Mirodoura” as this is where you’ll be heading.
  4. Eventually, you’ll come to a track veering left, marked “Miradouro”. Just follow this track past some mossy picnic tables and forgotten about barbecues up some steps, and voila! The Mirodouro will open up in front of you.

It’s literally that simple. This seems insane considering a number of people in our hostel were trying to work out how to find this viewpoint during our stay.

PS – we were the only ones to find it. Consider yourselves lucky!


We actually didn’t take the above route! If you feel like a little more of a walk, and it’s earlier in the day, you can also reach this spot from the starting point of PR4SMI. From here, you follow the trail again through woods until you come to a road.

After approximately 10 – 15 minutes of walking you’ll see the road rising up to a very steep hill, with a grassy field to your left. If you look directly across the field, you’ll see the track leading directly to the Miradouro. You can either head straight across, or, if you’re in need of some exercise, you can actually walk up the hill and look down on the Miradouro da Grota do Inferno itself, which is really beautiful as well, before running back down and heading over.

Sidenote: this field was covered in cow pats when we were there. Keep your eyes on the ground! Also be aware one side of the field falls away, so please for safety reasons do not go too close to the edge.


It goes without saying sunset is a good time to check this place out…

By the way, we would love to know if you made it to the Miradoura da Grota do Inferno with these instructions, so if they were any help at all, please let us know – whether it’s in the comments, via Instagram, or Facebook!