Basically, if you like food, you’ll be happy in Hobart. At the risk of using a Masterchef cliche, there are some absolute crackers of restaurants to try. It’s fantastic to see many eateries in Hobart embracing a comprehensive approach to pleasing their guests, with creative menus, expansive wine lists and seriously sexy interiors.

Firstly, INSIDER TIP: If you’re an advocate of healthy eating and your idea of treating yourself is paleo pancakes, you may struggle slightly in Hobart. Whilst Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne have healthy eat-in and fast food options on every corner and most cafes cater to every dietary preference, the trend doesn’t seem to have caught  on in Hobart. Pizza, pasta, fish and chips and wine reign supreme.

My advice? Deal with it. Actually, you know what? Don’t just deal with it. Lap it up! Those creamy scrambled eggs on buttery danish pastry wrapped in smoked salmon at Jackman and McRoss that I would never order at home? So, so worth it.

Below you’ll find a list of mine + others recommendations.


First up, head to Pilgrim Coffee, where the blend of exposed brick walls and beams, chairs and tables seemingly lifted from a cinema of yesteryear and slick lighting will have you thinking you’ve somehow teleported to hipster capital Williamsburg. The Roast Cauliflower doesn’t disappoint and neither does the coffee or attentive service.
INSIDER TIP: If you need your eggs well cooked, please ask. Pilgrim slow poaches their eggs, which means they arrive at your table gorgeously silky and quivering and teetering on the precipice of “just cooked” – which I froth on… but judging from the look on my girlfriend’s face it’s not to everybody’s liking first thing in the morning!

Battery Point super-bakery/cafe Jackman & McRoss was recommended to me many times over every single time I mentioned I was visiting Hobart. One friend told me I’d want to eat here every day. Lucky for my cellulite sitch we only visited on our last morning, otherwise we might have! It’s cute as hell, well priced and uses its incredible baked goods to full effect. You already know what I thought of my scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and pastry combo, whilst my girlfriend could barely finish half of her ridiculously fresh breakfast panini.

Hot chocolates - Pilgrim Coffee

Hot chocolates – Pilgrim Coffee

This cabinet GAVE ME LIFE - Jackman & McRoss

More #salmanrealness at Jackman & McRoss... well, it is Tassie!

More #salmanrealness at Jackman & McRoss… well, it is Tassie!


Fish Frenzy is right on Constitution Dock and it would be easy to think because of the location its a tourist trap. Wrong! It’s a little more expensive than an average lunch but the seafood is impossibly fresh. Treat yourself to any number of delights from the ocean – against the backdrop of Hobart’s still harbour, warmed by the wintry sunshine, oysters, fish and salad never tasted so good.

Salmon perfection - Fish Frenzy

Salmon perfection – Fish Frenzy


Forget being transported to trendy Williamsburg, Da Angelos Ristorante is a classic Italian restaurant that revels in its family roots. You’ll experience welcoming and warm service that pairs perfectly with the territory, as well as a limitless number of fresh pasta and sauce combinations and generous pizzas featuring delightfully light, fluffy bases. Go here with empty bellies and full hearts.

A provincial oasis in the CBD, Ethos is simply and thoughtfully designed to let the food and wine shine. Each day, there’s a completely different six or eight-course meal (six courses for $90; wine pairing also an option) which is created based upon the seasonal and ethically and locally grown produce that has arrived in the kitchen that very day. The chef and passionate waitstaff alternate lovingly presenting each course to our table in minute detail. This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime fine dining dining experience to savour. I didn’t take any photos, because to be honest it felt disrespectful. For a sneak peek of what to expect, check out the owner’s instagram account. Dude takes his #instafood seriously.
INSIDER TIP: This is a progressive meal and is served at an easy pace, spanning between two to three hours. Rest up the afternoon beforehand to make sure you aren’t face-planting into dessert.


Choose a bar anywhere on Salamanca Place for a drink (or five). I have it on good word the espresso martini at NANT is the best you’ll ever taste. If you’re after burgers and beers, Jack Greene will satisfy. For wine and tapas, you can’t go past Grape. Or why not head to the Cascade Brewery? Stay a little longer at the bar afterwards to enjoy beers and ciders brewed on the edge of the world, direct to your thirsty mouth.  You’ll also be tempted by signs for cellar doors on the roads outside of Hobart – seems wine, cider, cheese and oysters are inescapable in this part of the world!