Bonny and Nat hail from sunny Brisbane, Queensland, but, lezzbehonest, check out from there on a weekly basis by escaping to the gorgeous Gold Coast.

Checkin-Out co-founder and writer Bonny O’Shea got a stinging bite from the travel bug when she was circa 20 years old visiting Thailand, and since then her life has been a dizzying cycle of study, work, save, GO, live in abject poverty, drool over new places, work, save, GO, come home broke, dream of overseas, work, save, GO…

You get the picture.

In 2015, she met Natalie (but you can just call her Nat) and the rest was history. Nat’s a self-taught photographer and it was at her insistence Bonny finally got her sh*t together and launched Checkin-Out in late 2015.

Most recently, Bonny and Natalie have been tethered to Australian soil in preparation for the journey of a lifetime commencing mid-year 2016 – a gap-year of travel spanning Europe and Central and South America (and anywhere else anybody wants to send them).

Obviously, these 12 months of ‘checking out’ will need to be documented – Bonny’s a rambler and Nat has a passion for photography and film and is poised to bring these tales from around the world to life.

The girls are in waiting mode currently, yearning for Mediterranean summers and South American carnivales – but in the meantime, find out what they’re getting up to via the blog, Instagram and Facebook.

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