Seminyak in Bali is the gift that keeps on giving, with bars, restaurants, shopping and spas galore. Check out some of my favourites below:

BEST SPA – Spring

This place is all time. Yes, you can get massages, manicures and facials everywhere in Bali but Spring steps it up to a whole other level. I had a raw food facial here and I kid you not came out looking like a damn baby. Totally worth the extra coin and my only regret is I can’t get one on the daily.
INSIDER TIP: Make a booking a day or two in advance to avoid disappointment.

Be pampered at Spring Spa | photo credit to @maads._

Be pampered at Spring Spa | photo credit to @maads._

BEST COFFEE – Revolver Cafe

I am a coffee freak and let me tell you the coffee here is insane! Super cool little cafe with a laneway photo op outside and some great breakfast items on the menu as well.

Caffeine game strong at Revolver Espresso | photo credit to @vanlim_

Caffeine game strong at Revolver Espresso | photo credit to @vanlim_


The best gelato EVER. I am actually one of those weird shunned humans that doesn’t love ice-cream/gelato/frozen yoghurt – it’s just not the food I’d typically spend my money on. This place totally proved me wrong with the magical combo that was orange and goats cheese gelato. I haven’t eaten gelato since, and I probably won’t until I get back to Lello Lello – nothing compares. Absolute game changer. If you’d like something more substantial, you can also grab a delicious Indian curry and roti from the outdoor restaurant here, handmade in front of you.


What more could you want? This place is slick and sexy as hell. It costs an arm and a leg to stay at (easy to see why), but that doesn’t mean you can’t join in the fun around the pool. The daybeds looking out to the ocean and recliners directly by the pool are reserved for hotel guests but the elevated seating is free for anybody from around 10.30 am.  I would recommend enjoying breakfast in Seminyak (more on that later) then make the pilgrimage to the hotel and prepare to relax and people watch in style. I witnessed the best sunset of my life here at this iconic luxe location (banner image) and I hope to do it again in the near future!

INSIDER TIP: As you can imagine, food and drinks here are expensive. Although there is no explicit obligation to buy anything, a coconut water and/or a mojito plus a snack certainly won’t go astray, especially if you’re staying for the day and into the night.

Honourable mention to both Potato Head and Ku De Ta:

Amazing sunsets here! Check my insty here and here and I think you’ll pick up what I’m putting down.

BEST BREAKFAST – basically anywhere!

The incredible array of high-quality cafes serving up epic breakfast realness is off the hook. Watch this space for more!